Replay Advisory provides interim management or timeshare CFO services to companies engaged in the improvement of financial performance and/or the structuring of the finance function.

Replay Advisory support


Replay Advisory offers his qualities of analysisaccuracy and responsiveness to improve the finance performance of your company:

• Improvement of EBITDA

• Optimization of working capital

• Financing the activity

• Increase and circulation of intra-group cash

• Business Plan, Budget, Dashboards and KPIs


Replay Advisory supports companies engaged in projects to structure their finance function:

Fast close and reporting accuracy

• Improvement of internal controls

• Creation of a shared services center

• Implementation of finance ERP

Business Case

1.Fast close and acceleration of closing lead time 


• Acceleration of closing lead time of a family owned business operating in the affordable luxury sector following its acquisition by a company listed on the NYSE.

• The family owned business is closing its books, under Italian Gaap, in 60 days once a quarter.

Mission : Project Director

• Implementation of a project team

• Gaap analysis of the main differences between Italian gaap and USGaap

• Design of an action plan to transition to USGaap

• Design of changes in information systems and closing process to accelerate the closing lead time

• Training of the accounting team

• Implementation of changes


• Continuous improvement to reduce lead time to a monthly close in 5 days

• Improvement of financial processes and automatization

• Accounting team available from day 6 following the month end to perform value added analysis and answer to requests from their colleagues

2.Creation of a shared service center


• European finance services of a US fashion company

• The 5 main countries in Europe have their own accounting teams with a lack of homogeneity in the closing processes and information systems.

• Decision from the New York based headquarters to create a European shared service center to centralize the transactional accounting and credit collection activities

Mission : Project Management

• Scope of project (countries, legal entities, organization and headcounts, finance processes, information systems)

• Implementation of a project team

• Analysis of « as is », target and gaps between “as is” and target

• Design of changes to transition to SSC

• Training of teams

• Transition to SSC on a country per country basis

• Optimization of SSC activities


• Multiple Countries Shared Services Center operating (80 headcounts, 5 countries) and ready to facilitate the growth of the European businesses

• Standardized finance processes and unified information systems • Decrease by -7% of costs for operating the finance function

3.Selection and implementation of a Finance ERP


• Family owned group of companies composed of 80 legal entities with well structured finance and IT organization.

• The group has finance and IT roadmap to further structure the finance function through the implementation of a Finance ERP.

Mission: Project Director in coordination with the CIO of the group

• Description of needs and scope of the project

• Implementation of a project team and project management organization

• Budget preparation

• Competitive bid of two Editors and support to General Management to choose the best software solution

• Competitive bid of two integrators

• Support to client from design to testing phase


• ERP implemented and Silver award obtained from the Editor

• Project achieved on budget without overruns

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